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furniture care

about wood furniture

Cherry is the primary wood for our furniture, because of the subtlety of its grain and color variations. The natural markings are important to the design of each of our pieces. Over the course of time, solid cherry furniture deepens in color.  This natural richening of the color of the wood cannot be matched by something out of a can, or concocted in a lab. If your new piece arrives looking lighter in appearance than expected, give it a little time, and you'll be superbly rewarded.

caring for your maxwell furniture

Dust using only a soft, dry cotton cloth. For more intensive cleanup, mix Murphy's oil soap in water, and lightly dampen a cloth. Avoid solvent-based formulas and any polishes with silicone in the formula. Prolonged exposure of your furniture to direct sunlight causes the wood to dry out. To reduce problems, apply a top quality tung oil. Spray the oil onto a dry cloth and use sparingly. Let the oil penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth. A coat of wax may be applied 48 hours later, or you may use the oil more frequently. To prevent your solid wood furniture from separating at the joints, or warping, you should place pieces away from radiators and hot air registers.

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