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accent tables

night table

24"H x 17"W x 17"D

Our customers confirm, a pair of these classic tables are the ideal accompaniment to the spindle bed.

end table

24"H x 22"W x 22"D

Equally functional in the living room, as well as beside your bed. 

hallway table

32"H x 54"W x 18"D


This table's narrow design enables it to fit in any room, hallway or behind a sofa.

spindle coffee tables, glass top

small square

17"H x 21"W x 21"D 


large square

17"H x 43"W x 43"D



17"H x 56"W x 27"D


coffee table

wood top

17"H x 48"W x 22"D


Numerous requests for a smaller coffee table with a wooden top and a drawer prompted this addition to our line of coffee tables.

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