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spindle bed

M.T. Maxwell spindle beds are extremely versatile. The head and foot boards can be paired in several combinations to best suit your needs.


Headboard: 54"H x 81"W x 86"D: $2,250
Footboard: 34"H x 81"W x 86"D: $1,710
Low Footboard: 18"H x 81"W x 86"D: $860


Headboard: 54"H x 65"W x 81"D: $1,860

Footboard: 34"H x 65"W x 81"D: $1,435
Low Footboard: 18"H x 65"W x 81"D: $790


Headboard: 54"H x 57"W x 81"D: $1,450
Footboard: 34"H x 57"W x 81"D: $1,085
Low Footboard: 18"H x 57"W x 81"D: $710


Headboard: 54"H x 42"W x 77"D: $1,315
Footboard: 34"H x 42"W x 77"D: $945
Low Footboard: 18"H x 42"W x 77"D: $670

Side rails included with headboard/footboard combination.

Optional - 4 slats for $225.


26"H x 84"W x 30"L

Seat Height: 17" 


Mattress and bolsters not included.

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