Handcrafted Cherry Wood Furniture

Using only the finest American cherry woods with black walnut accents, the M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. is proud to offer customers furniture that is timeless, affordable and completely handcrafted using tried and true craftsmanship methods passed down from one generation of Maxwell furniture maker to another. As a  custom furniture store, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality solid cherry furniture using the best of Colonial-era and modern day construction techniques. This fusion of past and present manufacturing processes results in fine handcrafted furniture Virginia residents and buyers nation-wide will come to appreciate and pass down from one generation to the next.

A True Virginia Furniture Store
All M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. orders are manufactured at their Bedford VA location. Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. draws on the experience of highly-talented artisans and furniture craftsmen to create signature and one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of the types of furniture available at M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. include:

To furnish a complete bedroom, the M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. is excited to offer customers a choice of custom bedroom furniture, more extensive than any other handcrafted furniture store. While not a complete list, furniture pieces, exclusive to M. T. Maxwell Furniture include items such as:

Offering Something for Everyone.

All furniture manufactured by M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. features a cherry base wood and is accented with black walnut. For customers interested in other types of wood, the Maxwell Furniture Co. recommends placing a custom furniture order. VA One-of-a-kind pieces, along with all Maxwell furniture is manufactured onsite where craftsman Michael Thomas Maxwell and his team are pleased to deliver handcrafted furniture per each customer’s specifications.

Another type of custom furniture unique to the M. T. Maxwell Furniture Co. is the Full Circle product line. This unique, made in Virginia bedroom furniture has been
designed with the customer in mind. Each cherry and accented walnut furniture piece contains 6” aluminum wheels; perfect when cleaning, as
pieces glide effortlessly allowing users to move bedroom furniture with minimal effort.

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